March 24, 2020

Spring greetings to all and hope this email finds you all well. Please read carefully as this WILL affect access and delivery of your boat this spring.

Indeed, these are interesting times. The COVID19 virus has made its entrance into Ohio and our local and state government is being proactive to help slow the spread of this terrible disease. As a result we will be working on a limited basis and some services are on hold at this time. We are an active member with LEMTA (Lake Erie Marine Trades Association) and they have been working with the state government with keeping us PARTIALLY open and running. Unlike our neighboring states, our boatyard can remain in operation provided we follow some specific guidelines and common sense protocols.

Our working staff will remain in place working in the shops and in the buildings. The DOORS MAY BE OPEN for their use only as they will have to have access to the different boats in the boat yard and in the storage buildings. THERE will be new signs posted, EMPLOYEES ONLY. My main concern is for the employees and subcontractors that work and and earn a living at Riverfront Yacht.

Customers working on their own boats is not considered β€œessential” at this time. The retail customers are discouraged from coming down to work on their boats as they should abide by the stay at home order. I know this conflicts with many of you and the β€œextra time” on your hands. If you do have to visit your boat for whatever reason there will be a few rules in place at the boat yard.

1.) There will be NO access to the customer boats in the shops and very limited access to the boats in the storage buildings.

2.) For ALL storage boat customers, you have to maintain proper social distancing, no congregations in the yard, stay at your boat only (like the stay at home order), discourage anyone getting close or congregating.

3.) There will be NO use of the facilities. We are working hard and looking at a few portable bathrooms to put out in the boat yard.

4.) ALL customers will have to stay clear of all employees and MAINTAIN PROPER SOCIAL DISTANCING. At this time, we will only allow one customer at a time in the office area to conduct business. All payments must be made by credit card (preferred) or personal check. The good news, for this duration we will accept credit card payment by phone. No cash PLEASE ! Any questions for the normal office staff will have to be addressed by phone or email. Store purchases or pick ups will have to be scheduled. NO just walk-ins PLEASE!

We need to keep these rules and practices in mind and adhered to. By doing so we hopefully can reduce the exposure to both the employees and yourselves. Furthermore, we hopefully can remain open so that we can to continue servicing your vessels.

In any case we must keep in mind there will be delays. We are running into material delays on many items as manufactures and distributors are in the process of shutting down or are. Another important issue is ANY employee at RYS that does not feel good is instructed to stay home. All of this is creating delays so we must all remain patient.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Best of health and luck to all of you and your families.


Robert Morley
Morley Marine Inc d/b/a Riverfront Yacht Services